Android Applications

Below is a collection of Android applications that currently are integrated with our Intent Broadcast

They are able to trigger all kind of actions and events based on when you receive some type of notifications.

Application Description
aNag Nagios/Icinga client for Android. Now has built-in integration with NMA through Intent Broadcasts.
MetaWatch Manager You can push notifications and read them right there on your watch, without taking your Android out of your pocket. (Really amazing, if you ask me!)
More details about the watch here: Meta Watch website
Augmented SmartWatch Pro Ultimate Notification app for the Sony/MetaWatch SmartWatches supports true "at a glance" and 100% "hands-free" notifications.
You can also find a nice video demonstrating some of its uses here.
Tasker Tasker is an application for Android which performs Tasks (sets of Actions) based on Contexts (application, time, date, location, event, gesture) in user-defined Profiles, or in clickable or timer home screen widgets.

Applications and Services

Below is a collection of applications and services that currently use our public API to push notifications to Android devices.

There are many more applications and services out there that support our API. Send us an email if you want your application liked here.

Application Description
Avviso Avviso is a collection of Arduino and Processing libraries and examples to send push notifications an Android device via Notify My Android. Android @mention and reply push notifications for
Chrome Extension Send push notifications to your Android with text or url from inside Chrome.
Once you install it, go to Tools -> Extensions then select Options under the NMA extension and add your API key.
Control4 System This is a driver by Extra Vegetables to add push notification support to your Control4 System.
Digital Home Server The Digital Home Server (DHS) is a FREE home automation and multimedia application which is easy to use, and aimed at non-technical users.
Findmyshift Simple Online Staff Scheduling! Manage duty schedules from anywhere, any time in any web browser. Give employees 24/7 access to their work schedule and keep staff up to date with built-in text alerts.
Eventghost EventGhost is an advanced, easy to use and extensible automation tool for MS Windows.
Flexget Get notified when your downloads are finished.
Github Github now has a new service hook for NMA. To enable it, just go to any of your repositories on Github, click: "Admin" -> "Service Hooks" and enable "Notify My Android" by adding one or more API keys.
Growl for MacOS Receive your Growl for MacOS notifications directly on your Android device.
Growl for Windows Receive your Growl for Windows notifications directly on your Android device.
Homeseer Robert Hekkers put together a nice script to let Homeseer (Home Automation Software) to send notifications.
Home Server SMART 2012 HSS is a version of WindowSMART 2012 designed to run in specialized versions of Microsoft Windows Server – Home Server 2011, Small Business Server 2011 Essentials and Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.
Home Server Status Home Server Status, is a program that shows the status of your Windows Home Server 2011. It allows at a quick glance to see if your server is connected to the network, if a backup is running, was successful, or unsuccessful on any client machine.
Icinga Icinga is an enterprise grade open source monitoring system which keeps watch over networks and any conceivable network resource, notifies the user of errors and recoveries and generates performance data for reporting.
IFTTT Put the internet to work for you. IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with its channels and triggers. Like forward Twitter notifications to your Android through NMA.
Important: You have to use your short nmamail, since IFTTT does not have built-in support to NMA. Check the NMAMail under your Account page.
Land Security Orb V3 Land Security system for SecondLife.
Nagios3 Add Android push notifications to Nagios3 through our API.
NMAMail All your NMA apikeys are also an email address that can be used to forward emails to a push notification.
OpenNMS Add Android push notifications to OpenNMS through our API.
PRTG On that link you can find information on how to make PRTG monitoring tool to send notifications to your Android.
Pushing Box Manage your notifications in the cloud.
Radio Operator Radio Operator is a FMS/ZVEI/Pocsag wireless analysis software.
Rescue Minute Rescue Minute provides augmented information to customers in Colorado.
SABnzbd SABnzbd is an Open Source Binary Newsreader written in Python.
Follow these instructions.
Sickbeard Your favorite open source PVR can now send NMA notifications.
Snarl Starting with version 2.4.1-beta1 and up, Snarl now has built-in to NMA. Just add your API key and notify away!
Splunk Receive push notifications every time Splunk triggers an alert.
Spotweb Spotweb is a web-based usenet binary resource indexer based on the protocol and development done by Spotnet.
Switch King Switch King is a user friendly program to control remote switchs with the help of a computer. The program uses a Telldus Tellstick to send control signals wirelessly to the remote switchs and turn on or turn off lights and other equipment.
You can find more information about Switch King here.
Weechat Weechat plug-in to send private messages and highlights to your Android device.
Windows Home Server Remote Notification Remote Notification is the Add-In for Windows Home Server that keeps you up to date on the status of your Home Server no matter where you are.
WindowSMART 2012 WindowSMART 2012 is a Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology application. It continuously monitors the health of hard drives and solid state disks attached to the computer, and if an undesirable health condition (i.e. bad sectors) is detected, the user can be alerted.
Zabbix Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution for networks and applications.
To make it work with NMA, follow this tutorial and use instead.
Zapier With Zapier you can create triggers from many sources (Github, Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, Asana, ...) and have a push notification sent to you through NMA every time those triggers are executed. Use your imagination!
ZNC Push ZNC Push is a module for ZNC that will send notifications to multiple push notification services for any private message or channel highlight that matches a configurable set of conditions.