Configuring NMA Growl Plugin for MacOS

Now you can forward your Growl notifications from your Mac to your Android device in three easy steps!

Before we start, you will need:

  • Notify My Android Account (So you can get an API Key). You can register here .
  • Notify My Android installed on your Android device. You can get it on Google Play .
  • Growl installed on your Mac, of course.
  • A Notify My Android API Key, that you can find on your My Account page.

Now you can proceed and install the Notify My Android plugin!

Step 1

Download our Growl Plugin :

Growl 2.x+ : (new)

If you use the old Growl 1.2 : NotifyMyAndroid-1.0.0.dmg (old)

Step 2

Open the downloaded file and double click the .growlview file inside. The plugin will be automatically added to your Growl installation.

Step 3

Now you can go to Growl's preferences and configure the NotifyMyAndroid action you just added:

  • Add your API key.
  • Add a prefix that will be added to the Application title, or leave the prefix blank if you want to.

Click on the "Preview" button to test if you entered the correct API Key. You should receive a notification on your Android. If you don't receive one within seconds, please double check your API key and make sure you can login on the NMA Android application from your device.

Remember to set "NotifyMyAndroid" as your "Default style" on the top of the Preferences panel, or click on the "Applications" tab and specify which applications you want to forward to NotifyMyAndroid one by one.

Enjoy! And if you have questions or problems, try our forums or on twitter. Or send us an email.