Notify My Android offers an email service that forwards your message as a push notification to your Android device.

This basically enables any application that already supports email notifications to send push notification.

How it works?

You can the email address that we provide you under the "NMAMail" tab of My Account, and all emails delivered to that address will be forwarded to your devices. That easy.

Also, every time you create a new API key on your My Account page, you automatically have a new email address in the format:


For example, your API key is: abcdef1234567890987654321abcdefedcba012345678909 you automatically have the email address: abcdef1234567890987654321abcdefedcba012345678909@nmamail.net. And all email sent to that address gets redirected to your Android device as a push notification.

If you have an application that can send you alerts and notifications via email, just put your NMAmail on that application, and you will get push notifications instead. Simple like that!

How do I set priorities

You can set priorities doing slight modifications to your NMAmail address using the following format:


For example, using the same API key as the example above, your NMAmail would look like this, for each priority level:

Priority NMAmail
-2 (Very Low) abcdef1234567890987654321abcdefedcba012345678909+-2@nmamail.net
-1 (Moderate) abcdef1234567890987654321abcdefedcba012345678909+-1@nmamail.net
0 (Normal) abcdef1234567890987654321abcdefedcba012345678909+0@nmamail.net
1 (High) abcdef1234567890987654321abcdefedcba012345678909+1@nmamail.net
2 (Emergency) abcdef1234567890987654321abcdefedcba012345678909+2@nmamail.net

If you ommit the priority field and just send an email to abcdef1234567890987654321abcdefedcba012345678909@nmamail.net it will use the default priority level of 0 (Normal).

Notification Format

The push notification will have the following format:

  • Title/Application = "From:" field from the email message. The source.
  • Event = "Subject" field from the email message.
  • Body/Description = "Body" of the message. All html code will be stripped if the message is not plain/text.


It is important to note that all email messages must be ASCII or UTF-8 encoded, or any other "compatible" encoding. If you are having problems with email notifications not been delivered, please make sure you are not using a "non-western" encoding, like ISO-2022-JP for example.