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How can I contact NMA?

Forums Google+ @NotifyMyAndroid support@notifymyandroid.com

For quick questions, try Twitter first!

Is there a rate limit for using the public API?

Yes. Right now the limit is set to 800 API calls per hour from a given IP. Remember that you can notify multiple API keys on a single API call. Please check the API documentation for more details.

Very few applications managed to reach that limit so far, but if you hit the cap too often, feel free to contact us and ask for a developer key.

I have multiple Android smartphones and tablets, what happens when I send a notification to one of my API keys?

You will receive a notification on each device that has NMA installed and configured with the username who owns that API key, regardless which Google account is used on that device. There is no limit on the number of devices you have registered on your NMA account.

Do I have to buy one license of the Notify My Android application for each Android device I own?

No! As long as they all run with the same Google Account, you only need to buy once and should be able to install on as many devices as you own.

Just remember that if you change the Google Account used on a device to a different Google Account, Notify My Android will stop working unless that new account also has a license attached to it on Google Play.

Can I trust NMA my mission-critical notifications?

Not yet. Regardless of how stable C2DM is at the moment (and it is rock solid, by the way), you should always setup multiple delivery channels for your critical notifications.

I am a developer, can I integrate NMA on my application or create libraries that access the public API?

Absolutelly yes. And we encourage you to do that. Check our API documentation. And you can always email developer@notifymyandroid.com for more technical help or join us on our forums.

If you want to make your library/addon/application available to the public, or simply want to have it linked on our Developer section, please contact us.

How can I delete my notifications?

Each notification will expire and be deleted after 15 days counting from the minute they were created on our system. You can also delete them from the Notify My Android application. Just select the notifications you want to delete and click on the "Trash" icon on the Action Bar.

Is any information transmitted in clear text?

We provide HTTPS with a valid certificate so you can communicate with our servers in a secure way. And all communications between us and Google C2DM servers are over SSL as well.

All passwords are stored using high quality one-way encryption, which means that we cannot retrieve their clear-text form.

Expect to see even better features to improve your privacy and security on the next versions.

Will NMA ever support iOS?

Well, I usually never say never. If there is a demand for it, we will get it out. Although we may have to change the app name for that.

What is an API key?

An API key is a 48 bytes long code that identifies a single user. They can be created on the user settings page. Each time you submit a new notification using our public API, you must pass one or more API keys. That is how our system knows which users should receive that notification.

Right now, when a notification is submitted and the API key used match one user, all devices of that user will receive a C2DM notification.

A user can have as many API keys as they want. We recommend that you create a new key for each application you receive notifications from. That way you can easily and individualy disable them. You can tag each API key with a description on your My Account page. Just click over the default "Key description" text so you can edit it.

What is a Developer key?

A Developer key is a 48 bytes long code used by developers to increase their API calls quota. Right now the only way to request them is to email us at developer@notifymyandroid.com. We will add a quicker and automated way to do that in the future.

I found a bug on the API or Notify My Android application keeps giving me Force Closes on my device, what should I do?

Don't panic! We can help you. First check on our forums, maybe someone already reported the same problem. Then you can either reach us via email on support@notifymyandroid.com or post your problem on our forums. I am sure there is a fix for it!

I lost my password! What do I do?

As long as you remember the username and the email address that you registered on your account, you can reset your password here.